Loyalty Club Business Builder

We have become a mobile society. All you need to do is observe your customers and you’ll quickly realize why mobile marketing needs to be an intricate part of your marketing strategy. As of December 2009, there were 286 Million active cell phone subscribers in the US. With a population of 308 Million Americans, it’s not hard to understand how reliant on mobile phones we’ve become. Mobile phones are becoming people’s primary connection to the world around them. Where is your phone now? Chances are it’s within 3 feet of you, if not actually on you.

Building Your Loyalty Club Program
We have a system that can get your loyalty program up and running in a matter of days, and get your business growing with consistent repeat business!

Example (if you were a restaurant business): Your customers come into the restaurant and are informed either by something on the table, or by the waiter, that if they text ADZ BBQ to 99134, they will receive a free drink with their meal. (In this example, “ADZ BBQ” is a keyword, and “99134” is the short code.) They take out their cell phone, send the text, and a few seconds later receive a text message back that they will receive the free drink by showing the message to the cashier.

Increasing Customer Traffic
In the coming days and weeks, you’ll send text messages to your Loyalty Club members.

Example: It’s Thursday morning, and your loyalty club members are wondering what they are going to do for lunch. Their phone beeps and they see they have a new message. It says, “Between 11am and 1pm TODAY, get a free dessert with any entree at Texas BBQ. Show this message to cashier to redeem.” Decision made!


Loyalty programs have been used by businesses for many decades as a way to increase sales with current customers. Today’s consumer can be even more easily persuaded for “return trips” to your business through this incredibly powerful program.

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