Four Steps to Get You Out of Job Hunting Fast and Get You Working

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You or someone you know desperately needs a job right now. Age is no longer a real factor. I know as many 20-somethings as 40 or 50 or 60-somethings who are bemoaning the lack of income and the difficultly of finding a “good” job. They aren’t holding out for a “great” job, just a good job, so what’s the problem?

In the Sacramento area, as we’ve all read, it’s a convergence of several key factors that has hammered away at the business economy and therefore the job market. So, what is the answer to finding a “job” when you desperately need one?

I believe the answer can be found simply in yourself. The reason I say “simply” is because each one of us has certain skills, talents, or God-given abilities. These things are self-evident to you when you look at yourself in the mirror. You say to yourself, “if I’m so great why don’t I have a job?” The reality is that YOU are that great and so is everyone else!

How then can a person move ahead? The first step is to step out of the comfort zone of looking for a job. Why do you need a job? A job, to most people, is an opportunity for you to trade your work hours and skills for money. You feel a comfortable sense of security that you will be paid on a defined time schedule. You’ve removed your worries of were the money comes from and placed that on the shoulders of your employer. You’re in a no-risk job opportunity…unless the company fails or fires you.

The second step is to believe in your own self. Would you hire yourself to do what you’re good at? (Hopefully you’ll say “yes” here.) If an employer would hire you for your skills, why wouldn’t you hire yourself? Oh I know…you want that “comfort zone” of the guaranteed paycheck. You just don’t want to gamble on yourself and the uncertainly of trading your work hours and skills for money when there is no guarantee. [REALITY CHECK] Every business owner or self-employed person has to deal with that uncertainty everyday too.

The third step is to BE REAL. Look around. If you’re finding the current job market hard to crack, you’re not alone. Realize too that you’re bills still have to be paid. You’re in the classic “between a rock and a hard place.” At some point, somethings got to give. You’re already “uncomfortable” so why do you look at alternative ways to trade your time and skills for money? I’ll tell you why. Two reasons. (1) Everything you look at under the “work at home” idea sounds like a crackpot idea or a scam – they probably are. There are shady people who promise the moon under a 100% commission program, but the problem is they have no product or a poor product, and ultimately these kind of businesses fall into a common mindset everyone shares…a waste of time and money. (2) Faith in yourself. Every business owner you trade money with took this step forward and had faith in themselves and in their ideas. You can too.

So, what’s the fourth step? It’s to TAKE ACTION. I’ve been a small business marketing consultant for the last 10 years (after a 15 year career in real “jobs”) and the one thing I tell everyone is, “Now is NOT the time to do nothing. Do something! With me, with someone else or do it yourself.” Taking action does not mean doing the same thing you’re doing now…looking for a “job.” Taking action means try a different direction. Put faith in yourself and give it your commitment. It you have a specific talents you can “sell” as an independent contractor, then PROMOTE yourself. If you have more general skills, you work hard, and you like people give a try a sales. There are some good companies with good products that are always looking for new independent representative.

What’s the worst thing about “working for yourself?” No Guaranteed Paycheck.

What’s the best thing about “working for yourself?” Good-to-Great Money; Freedom from “The Man”; You Can’t Fire Yourself (yes you can fail, learn from it, pick yourself up and be better, but you can’t fire yourself); and lastly and maybe truly the best thing – once you’ve been at it for a while your confidence, pride, and belief in yourself had created a stronger and happier person. I know. It did for me!

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Steve Leedom has been self-employed as an small business marketing consultant since 2001. His businesses, Section 1 Marketing and Digital Mind Media has helped over 200 businesses nationwide to date.

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2 Responses to Four Steps to Get You Out of Job Hunting Fast and Get You Working

  1. Justin says:

    I am currently helping my girlfriend find a job and came accross this website. Through job searching I have come accross many scams and was wondering how you could prove that this isn’t one at all.  Thank you for your time.

  2. says:

    Justin, have you ever spent 15 minutes typing an incredible reply only to drop your wireless keyboard at the very last minute before you hit the “Submit Reply” button? Well, I just did, and I’m not very happy about it. Time is Money. It was a beautiful reply. But I think this one will be shorter and I’ll wrap it up with the last sentence I wrote. “The people who work for me are not employees (though I do pay an hourly wage), they are independent contractors and at the end of the year I send them a 1099-misc tax form. Is that “real” enough for you?”

    This is a good gig. If your girl-friend is bold, friendly and able to manage her own time then I would suggest she send me her resume and then give me a call. Thanks for your question. ~Steve Leedom, founder and chief marketing officer

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